Body Harmony Day Spa

One of the most unique and relaxing attractions in Broken Bow Oklahoma is Body Harmony Spa.
Treat yourself to a award-winning spa treatment at one of Oklahoma’s top day spas

Body Harmony Day Spa provides a unique 90-minute Sensory Therapeutic bodywork. The Body Harmony Session experience features the Body Harmony Instrument Bed. This special bed is handcrafted like a musical instrument with speakers on the inside. While surround sound fills the room, musical vibrations from inside the bed resonate in and through the body. Beds are heated during colder seasons.

Each session includes a mineral-rich Dead Sea mud facial mask, a deep massage of the head and scalp with warm, melted Shea Butter, and the use of hot steam towels for absorption. Pure, warm African Shea Butter is drizzled-bathed and massaged into the body. Next, 100% Dead Sea salts are sprinkled slowly on the body and gently scrubbed for exfoliation. Hot, moist and steamy towels are wrapped around the body and the salts are melted, allowing 90 percent of trace minerals to be absorbed. Soothing back massage or firm is your preference.  “S-h-h-h” No talking during session

Your robe, slippers, private room with bath, as well as a complementary recovery snack and drink, are provided after each session.

Body Harmony Day Spa also features vintage antiques and specialty gift items are for sale at a discount to their clients inside the spa. All 100% pure session products used during sessions are available to clients for a discount. The 100% cotton Turbie Twist Turban is a gift from your practitioner to you.

Body Harmony Day Spa offers a side-by-side Romance Session which includes a 90-minute session experience for couples in the spa’s beautiful, dimly lit Tranquility Room and the Rhapsody Room has an adjacent fireplace seating area where chocolate covered strawberries and other dark chocolate delights are served on a silver platter after session time.

Special packages are also available for MOTHER and DAUGHTER TIMEGROUP sessions, HONEYMOONERS, those celebrating their ANNIVERSARY and BIRTHDAYS and of course the ultimate DE-STRESSING TIME.


90 Oak Leaf Lane
Broken Bow, OK


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