Fascial Care

Raoul Santiago is a Licensed Massage Therapist serving whole families with fascialCARE.

Raoul began studying a combination of systemic fascial release and craniosacral therapy for his own children when they were babies and toddlers, almost a decade ago. Already holding a Master’s in education, he chose to become licensed in massage therapy in order to serve the public with his unique practice he now calls fascialCARE. Raoul offers 3-4 day retreats to those traveling to Beavers Bend who book a cabin within 40 minutes of Smithville, OK. More details on retreats, click here.

Raoul strongly believes his ultimate calling is to be a surrendered conduit of Jesus’ redeeming power, that the One who made the body heals the body and that God designed the human body to innately seek homeostasis at all times.

While he serves all ages, Raoul specializes in serving toddlers, infants and children (especially with atypical needs) and his goal with fascialCARE is to see whole families strain free for life!


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