Old West Town Mini Golf

Travel back in time as you play a challenging course of mini golf through the street of an old west town. With tricky curves, difficult corners and 50 foot fairways, you’ll play past the Sheriff and Jail where the town drunk is doing time for public intoxication. The creepy Undertaker is watching so don’t stay too long near the cemetery. The town continues on with a Blacksmith shop, Dentist Office, an 1890 Post Office and Stagecoach line and community Bank where it’s clear your money is not safe. Watch out for the Bank robber!

The Old West Town includes an Indian Trading Post, Stables, Hotel, Smokehouse and Country Store. Don’t forget to be careful to go the right way through the Church! Look closely in the Saloon and you’ll see an original Pawnee Bill costume he wore during his Wild West Shows throughout Europe and America in the late 1800’s. The Old West Town is filled with authentic 1800’s scenes and antiques.

The Old West town continues to grow each year with a growing collection of antiques from the 1800’s for you to enjoy. Because it’s not just Mini-Golf…it’s an adventure back in time!


9114 N US Highway 259
Broken Bow, OK


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