The Blue Rooster

American, Southern

The Blue Rooster is a fried chicken and fish joint located in rural woodsy SE Oklahoma in a small tourist lake area called Hochatown. We cook simple southern because, well, honestly, fresh food doesn’t have to be gussied up to taste good… or so we believe.

We grew up “pickin” gardens before it got too hot, “eatin” chicken on Sundays, “drinkin” sweet tea every day … all the time, “goin” to fish frys and thank the Lord! “havin” homemade ice cream on 4th of July. Oh yeah, and “waitin”! wait for the garden to be ready, wait on the chicken to get done, wait for that tea to steep, wait on that fish grease to get hot, and finally crank on that ice cream…. then cover it with quilts and wait. “Waitin” was always worth it!

At the Rooster, our fancy is to share with you just a small piece of that. We grow a summer and fall garden so when you order fried green tomatoes from our menu, we picked them that morning …. Why? Yep, before it got too hot! Our tea will be steeped and our grease hot when you get here. However, that’s as far as it goes … you’ve got to wait just a little bit because we don’t start “cookin” till you order.

Come see us, take a seat out on the porch, drink a glass of tea, talk about the weather and that fried chicken will be there before you know it!
We’re “waitin” on ya!


U.S. 259
Broken Bow, OK

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