Wheelock Mission & Academy

The Wheelock Mission & Academy commemorates mission station, church, and school established in the 1830s by missionaries. (On U.S. 70 east of Millerton.) Tells of mission founding by missionaries in the 1830s; marks Oklahoma’s oldest church completed in 1847. Established 1832 by Rev. Alfred Wright and wife Harriet, who served as missionaries to Choctaws over 30 years. Rev. Wright, physician and linguist, helped develop written Choctaw language, translated gospels and much educational materials into Choctaw, Stone church here completed 1846, oldest such building in Oklahoma. School begun by writes became boarding school for Choctaw girls; made part of Choctaw National school system 1842, closed 1955. Rev. Wright dies 1853; buried adjacent cemetery; Rev. John Edwards in charge of mission 1853-61.

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Milterton, OK


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