Park Rules & Regulations

Laws of the Land

Stay safe and help preserve the beauty and majesty of the many parks and wildlife areas of Beavers Bend by observing these rules and regulations.

Protect the natural and cultural resources of this state park (725:30-4-1).
Trees, shrubs and even dead wood have great value to this park for they provide shelter and food for wildlife. Don’t collect plants, nuts, berries, and wildflowers. The survival of many wildlife species in this park depends upon these sources of food. Don’t catch wildlife or collect such natural features like rocks and fossils. If all visitors took a part of the park home, in time there would be little left to enjoy.

Don’t feed wildlife!
Much of the food we eat is not suitable for wildlife. Wildlife that learn to beg for food soon become dependent upon such handouts; they forget how to find their natural sources of food. Some wildlife, like raccoons and deer, can become dangerous if they lose their fear of man.

Observe, but don’t disturb, wildlife. For the protection of wildlife and for the safety of your pet, keep all pets on a leash (725:30-4-9). Some wildlife species, such as skunk and raccoon, can transmit rabies.

It is illegal to remove cultural or archeological resources from this park. A use permit, authorized by the park manager, is required for visitors who wish to use a metal detector.

Park regulations prohibit the defacing, marking up, carving or writing of graffiti on natural features, such as trees and rock formations, and on buildings and signs.

Fireworks are prohibited in this state park unless they are part of a sanctioned event (725:30-4-21).

Keep the park and lake free of pollution and litter (725:30-4-8). Use appropriate disposal facilities for waste, sewage and gray water. Gray water can contain phosphates that encourage the growth of algae in lakes. Too much algae in the water deprives fish and other aquatic animals of needed oxygen. When gray water is poured on the ground, it contains food particles that attract insects and rodents.

Campsites for Visitors with a Physical Disability

Visitors with a physical handicap are given preference for the use of those campsites that are designated as handicapped facilities. These camp sites are available on a first come basis for park visitors who have a handicap parking sticker or other verification of physical handicap. Non-handicap visitors can use a handicap campsite if it is not selected by a handicap visitor by early evening; however, such usage is on a night-by night basis.

Be Considerate of Other Park Visitors

State Parks are for the enjoyment of its visitors. In order for all visitors to have an enjoyable and safe outdoor experience, it is important that park rules be followed. Among these rules are:

  • Keep the volume down on your radio, CD player or boom box during the day. Quiet Hours, at night, your radio or other audio equipment must be turned off between 11 PM and 6 AM (725:30-4-6).
  • Keep pets on a leash that is no longer than 10 feet. Don’t leave a pet unattended.
  • Don’t crowd the campsite that’s next to yours. An RV campsite is designed for use by one RV. A children’s tent may also be pitched with the RV, as an extension to the RV site. Vehicles shall not be parked in such a way that they block or prevent other park visitors from using their campsite. (725:30-8-2). In tent camp areas, be considerate of other campers; don’t crowd your neighbor!
  • Obscene language and conduct, and actions that are disorderly or disturb the peace are prohibited. (725:30-4-17).
  • The public consumption of beverages and mixed beverage coolers that are in excess of the 3.2% alcohol by weight is prohibited. The possession and/or consumption of beer or any other intoxicating beverage, including mixed beverage coolers, by a person under 21 years of age is prohibited.

For Your Safety:

  • Glass containers or glass materials are not permitted in designated swimming areas.
  • Swimming is not permitted within 100 feet of boat ramps and docks.
  • Firearms can be carried on park property with proper concealed carry or open carry licensing. Firearms are not permitted in any state office building such as the Forest Heritage Center or Beavers Bend State Park Administrative Offices.
  • Motorists are to abide by all roadway speed limits and other traffic safety signage.
  • Under the following conditions golf carts can be used on certain park roadways by park visitors (operators) who have a physical disability. The operator must provide the park office with verification of their disability and they must have a valid driver’s license. A certificate is issued to the operators. The golf cart can only be operated on roads that have speed limits of 25 mph or less.

Help Keep This Park Clean!
Please Don’t Litter!

  • Never take glass containers to a beach area.
  • Thank you for using trash receptacles and dumpster in the park.
  • For trail users and fishermen, if you pack it in, please pack it out!

Never Forget Fire Safety

  • Protect this park from wildfire (725:30-4-7).
  • Please follow all safety practices in building a campfire.
  • Never use gasoline or kerosene to start a fire or barbecue grill.
  • Campfires must be contained in a fire ring. Do not chop down standing trees or cut live tree branches to build a fire. Only use dead branches that are already on the ground.
  • Don’t build a large bonfire. Bonfires can be unsafe and they waste the wood that is used as fuel.
  • Never leave a fire unattended. When you leave the campfire, make certain that it is completely out. Smother the coals with soil. Pour plenty of water on it to make sure the coals are cold.
  • Never place non-burnable items such as glass bottles and aluminum beverage cans in a campfire ring. Such items pose a safety threat to both you and to the next visitors who use this campfire ring. Thank you for properly disposing of glass and other non-burnable items in a trash receptacle.
  • During dry periods, all campfires may be prohibited.

Thank You for Being a Courteous Park Guest.
Have a Safe and Wonderful Visit!

This information was provided by Beavers Bend State Park and does not contain all state park rules and policies. The park office has a complete listing of this agency’s rules and policies. Their number is (580) 494-6126.


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