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Helpful Tips

  • Booking your trip during October or November may get you a special discounted rate on a cabin rental.  Not only will you save money, you’ll witness some of the most beautiful autumn foliage you’ll ever see at its most vivid and colorful.
  • Make reservations for summer weekends and holidays 6-8 months in advance for the best selection of cabin rentals or other lodging accommodations. Beavers Bend Resort Park cabins often book a year or more in advance for popular travel weekends.
  • Most cabins require a two-night minimum, so if you’re only planning a quick stay, one of the area’s many motels or bed and breakfast inns might be the way to go.
  • Having trouble finding available lodging? The Broken Bow Chamber maintains a list of available options and will be happy to help you find the right one for your stay.
  •  If you’re visiting Beavers Bend on a summer weekend or holiday, your best bet is to make reservations for canoeing, horseback riding, scuba and snorkeling, boat or ATV rentals and other activities in advance.
  • Don’t forget your camera! Not only will you want to preserve the memories of your trip and document the unparalleled beauty of the land, but in these parts you might see a bald eagle soaring overhead. Or a family of white-tailed deer sipping water from a sun-kissed stream. Or a legendary and mysterious ape-like beast whose existence has never been proven! (Tell him to say cheese.)
  •  If you’re exploring the woods around the Beavers Bend area during October and November, for your safety please wear fluorescent orange so that hunters in the area can see you.

Frequently Asked Questions

My family loves the outdoors, but we aren’t exactly the “roughing it” type when it comes to accommodations. Where should we stay when we visit Beavers Bend?

The options are many, but your best bet is to rent one of the many private cabins throughout the resort area, available in a variety of sizes and price ranges and appointed with every modern convenience and luxury you enjoy at home. 

Can we rent a cabin right on the river? How about the lake?


There are indeed cabins available for rent on the Mountain Fork and Glover Rivers, but Broken Bow Lake does not allow commercial development on its 180 miles of pristine shoreline. For those who prefer to stay lakeside, the Lakeview Lodge has rooms with great views.


When is the fall foliage at its most colorful?

It’s often difficult to predict Mother Nature’s schedule. Many factors — including temperatures and precipitation throughout the year — can affect the turning of the leaves, but generally the prime window for leaf-peeping is from mid-October through mid-November.


Does the Beavers Bend area host any special events, festivals or celebrations throughout the year?

Glad you asked! It seems there’s always a festive gathering of some kind around the Beavers Bend, no matter the season. Celebrate the majesty and history of the land at the Owa-Chito Festival of the Forest, see world-class musicians and artists at the Beavers Bend Folk Festival & Craft Show, or marvel at the gorgeous blooming dogwoods every spring at Dogwood Days in nearby Idabel. Many more festivities are held throughout the year, and you can find more information and a full calendar of events here. 

Everyone says Broken Bow Lake has uncommonly crystal-clear water. They’re just saying that, right?

They’re not just saying that. It’s a fact. While most lake floors are one big stretch of mud, the floor of Broken Bow Lake is covered by rocks, and it’s fed by rivers that flow down from the Ouachita Mountains, giving it a brilliant clarity and color. But don’t take our word for it. Seeing is believing.


Do I need a permit or other documentation to hunt, fish  or anything else I might want to do around Beavers Bend?

You will need a hunting or fishing license. See our Travel Tools guide for everything you need to know about the laws, safety regulations, land-use restrictions, permit and license requirements and other information about the various activities available in the Beavers Bend area.

Is the Red Slough open for hiking and bird watching year-round?


The Red Slough is open year-round, though certain times of year make for better bird watching than others. In the winter months, the Red Slough is closed to hikers, birdwatchers and photographers until after 1 p.m., as duck hunters roam the area during the morning.


Are there swimming pools in the area?

The Beavers Bend area has several public swimming beaches, most notably along the 180 miles of shoreline around Broken Bow Lake. The Mountain Fork and Glover Rivers are inviting spots to splash around as well. Several area motels and bed & breakfast inns have private swimming pools. Some of the cabins for rent throughout the resort park have swimming pools, but not many, so you’ll want to book early.

Is there anything fun for my toddler to do?


But of course! Younger children can hop on the Beavers Bend Depot Train Ride. Or see a real-life dinosaur skeleton at the Museum of the Red River. Or learn all about the area’s native critters at the Beavers Bend Nature Center. And that’s not even mentioning the endless kid-friendly fun to be had in every corner of the outdoors. Kids of all ages will love Beavers Bend.How many people visit Beavers Bend each year?

More than one million visitors explore to the mountains, lakes, rivers and forests of Beavers Bend annually.


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