Before Back-to-School, Get to Beavers Bend

Reason #124: New show-and-tell material. 

Book that one last family vacation, and give them a million stories to go back to school with. 

It’s happening again. Like every year. The weeks are dwindling. Reality is nearing. 

You know it. They know it. 

As your kids mourn the looming end of summer break, Beavers Bend can be that quick getaway that delivers the back-to-school bookend you’re looking for. Added perk: planning the trip is painless compared to all that school shopping you still have to do. But don’t let your mind go to that to-do list, yet. 

Instead, get some inspiration and #GetHereAlready.

Upgrade your usual camping experience. 

First things first – find your place to stay. Give them a taste of cabin life, Beavers Bend style. Big family? Cramped cabins aren’t our thing. Luxury in the outdoors can look like massive kitchens, spacious game rooms and family spaces – even built-in bunk beds. On the cozier side, there are plenty of single and two bedroom options. Choose from 2,600 cabins with everything from major patio space for cornhole and outdoor dining, to hot tubs and s’more-ready fire pits. And a place to hone their game night skills after all that lake time.

Bring on the backflips and boatside hangs.

When it’s this hot, giant bodies of water are necessary. Broken Bow Lake is an ideal spot for swimming, boating, paddleboarding, kayaking…really whatever you want, on water. Looking for a little more thrill? We have jet skis, wakeboarding and tubing, too. 

Make some new friends at Hochatown Petting Zoo. 

Part petting zoo, part wildlife rehabilitation center. Wholly worth it. This isn’t your average barnyard variety situation. Seven days a week, you can see anything from a boa constrictor to a baby fox. Petting a brown skunk? Why not.

Bond, in an old-timey way. 

A little time travel is possible out here. Mine for treasure at Beavers Bend Mining Company after you hit up the petting zoo. And then go back to the Wild West at Uncle Charlie’s Old Time Photo Studio. Costumes? You know it.

Let them play trail guide.

Sure, you might get a little lost (maybe on purpose). Give them a reason to bring out that inner explorer. Pick a trail. Cross rivers. Skip stones. Do all those outdoors-y things that our 1,300 acres of trails are made for.

Get them hooked. 

On all things Beavers Bend – and that reeling-in-your-first-fish feeling. Grab a guide and head down to Mountain Fork River for prime fly fishing, cruise Broken Bow Lake for clearwater catches or check out Glover River and fish in Oklahoma’s only free-flowing river.

Just scratching the surface on the planning possibilities. Catch a zipline. Ride a horse. Devour some bbq. Test out that new tackle box. Teach them the art of mini golf. Hunt down that hidden swimming hole. 

Alright parents, let the cabin search begin. 

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