5 Tips for Practicing Fire Safety in Cabin Country

Sitting around the fire in Beavers Bend Cabin Country is the perfect way to warm up your day or wrap up your evening. Children are blowing out their flaming ‘mallows, while couples hold tight as the glowing flame keeps them warm, and the stars above tell stories of old. We love a good campfire at Beavers Bend Cabin Country. But just like love itself, we don’t want it to run wild. Here are five tips for keeping your fires safe and fun in Beavers Bend Cabin Country.

1. Pick the Right Spot

Always make sure you’re in an area that allows campfires. Look for a spot away from overhanging branches or low-hanging vegetation, nothing between the fire and the sky. Clearing a 10-foot circle from debris will ensure your fire is the only fire. Just like any good relationship, fires need boundaries. Most cabins and fire-designated areas should have a pit for you to use. These help keep your fire from setting camp elsewhere.

2. Mind the Weather

Rain ain’t the only thing that can ruin your campfire’s parade. Windy conditions have hazardous potential for spreading fires, so mind the weather before starting your fire. Always check to see if your area is under a burn ban.

3. Manage Your Flame

The fire may be the star of the party, but you need to be the one in control. A bonfire is way more than you need and can threaten the lil’ critters’ homes around you. Never leave a fire unattended. Like a nasty rumor, wildfires spread quickly. So keep a watchful eye all the way through, and always be ready with a water source and shovel nearby.

4. Drown – Stir – Feel

The best way to extinguish a fire is to let it reduce down naturally. However, if you need to call it a night sooner, remember the wisdom of Smokey Bear:

Drown – Pour lots of water over all the embers, not just the red ones, until the hissing stops.

Stir – If you don’t have water, use your shovel to stir dirt or sand into the embers. Continue until no embers are left exposed and smoldering.

Feel – Use your hand to see if the pit is cool enough to touch. In the words of Smokey himself, “If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave.”

Follow these steps, and you won’t have to worry about your fire making an encore.

5. Leave Only Memories

Gather your belongings, pick up the trash, and leave your area as you found it, or better. You don’t want to ruin the experience for future visitors making their campfire, or worse, leave behind anything that could threaten the wildlife if they got their paws on it.

Get Here Already

For additional fire safety information and evacuation plans, visit https://safestayok.org/. Of course, campfires aren’t the only hot thing to do at Beavers Bend Cabin Country. Luxury cabins, sweet eats, and countless ways to get outdoors are only a short drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Shreveport. Come see why so many people take their getaway here. So book a cabin and get here already! 

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