Eagletown Choctaw Settlement

Eagletown commemorates early Choctaw settlement on Trail of Tears. First settlement by Choctaws after arrival from Mississippi over “Trail of Tears” 1832. Bethabara Mission established here by missionary Loring S. Williams who was postmaster when the Eagle Town post office opened July 1, 1834. The Court ground for Eagle County, Choctaw Nation, was here 1850 – 1906. Name changed to Eagletown December 16, 1892. Rev. Cyrus Byington established Stockbridge Mission east of river in 1835 and there produced monumental Choctaw grammar and dictionary giving Choctaws written language. Iyanubbi Female Seminary near Stockbridge operated 1843-61. Present town platted 1921 by Dierks brothers.


RR 1 Box 576
Broken Bow, OK


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