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Fly Fish Oklahoma is your guide to the best Trout fishing in Oklahoma

Fly Fish Oklahoma Guide Service specializes in trout, striper and bass fishing. The Lower Mountain Fork River, which flows through Beavers Bend State Park and beyond, is the premier trout fishery in the state of Oklahoma. Located in South Eastern Oklahoma and surrounded by beautiful scenery, this tail water trout fishery boasts the states only stable year round fishing. The average size fish stocked in the river is larger than any place I’ve fished before and due to the year round cold water being released through the dam, there are some old and wise hold over fish as well.

The constant flow from underneath the Broken Bow spillway is due to legislation passed years ago and is maintained at a perfect flow for fly fishing. When heavy flow and unfishable water is released from the dam, it occurs at the powerhouse to generate electricity, which is several miles down stream from the spillway, thus providing miles of river to fish even during periods of heavy generation.

The water flows crystal clear and there are approximately 12 miles of river that have been designated as “trout area”. I have fished many places in the US and can honestly say that the Lower Mountain Fork River ranks near the top of my list for combination of scenery, numbers of fish and even size of fish. If you are looking to have a top notch fly fishing experience, stop looking to travel across the nation and take a serious look at the Lower Mountain Fork River right here in your own back yard.


Lower Mountain Fork River
Broken Bow, OK


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