How to Kiss the Summer Goodbye

The last few rays of hot summer sunshine are finally slinking behind those gorgeous Beavers Bend mountains. And with fall hot on our heels, there’s no better time to soak up the last few days of warmth before that familiar fall crisp creeps into the air. Want to do up the last few days of summer in style? Grab your beach bag, find a shady spot on the lake banks, and prepare to bid the summer farewell. Here’s ten ways to kiss the summer goodbye in Beavers Bend.

1. Work on your tan.

Responsibly, of course! Pick up some SPF 40, pack a hat, grab a lawn chair, lay out a towel, and let the summer sun do it’s thang on your skin. Insider tip: many cabins [link to cabins] offer lawn chairs on site, so you can tan from the comfort of your cabin.

2. Do a cannonball.

Hike up to one of Beavers Bend’s picturesque cliffs, plug your nose, squeeze your eyes shut, and make a splash worth closing out the summer. Skyline trail leads to a scenic waterfall that just might do the trick.

3. Eat frozen treats.

Beavers Bend is chock full of places to get cool treats. Whether you go for a snow cone, soft serve, or old fashioned, slow-churned ice cream, there’s no better way to reminiscence on a fine summer than with a few scoops of something delicious.



4. Go stargazing.

There’s plenty to see under the big blanket of stars that hang over McCurtain, so grab a real blanket, spread it out on a soft patch of ground, and take in the starry night sky in all its glory. Best enjoyed with hot cocoa and bugs spray nearby. Keep an eye out for mosquiteers!



5. Throw a beast feast.

Whether you go for a juicy rack of ribs, some thick T-bone steaks, a couple dozen brats, or some quail you nabbed yourself out on Beavers Bend’s premiere game hunting grounds, it wouldn’t be the end of summer without a little outdoor grilling. Need ideas? Check out some of our favorite recipes.

6. Throw a shrimp boil.

Not into beast feasts? Host a shrimp or crawfish boil, instead. For easy clean up, lay down some newspaper across the table on your patio, and dump the boil bucket right onto the paper. Don’t forget the butter!


7. Kick back in a hammock.

What’s more summery than lounging the afternoon away in a shady tree hammock? Grab a pillow, pour yourself a glass of iced tea, and laze away the afternoon from the front yard of your cabin.


Kayaking at Broken Bow

8. Catch some waves.

Paddle-boarding, canoeing, kayaking, or floating… whatever speed you choose, the water’s fine for water sports in Beavers Bend. Need some gear? The area has plenty of rental options available. Find a vendor here.



9. Take a road trip.

The Talimena Scenic Byway snakes its way through Beavers Bend and boasts some of the most impressive views in the entire state. Fall is the prime time to visit, so pencil in a Sunday drive down the highway before the masses make their way.



10. Cheers to the summer.

Order a local brew at one of Beavers Bend’s watering holes, stop by for a tasting at one of the area wineries, or pop into the brand new Hochatown Distilling Company. It doesn’t quite matter what you put in your glass as long as you raise it in salute of summer. 

Ready to kiss the summer goodbye in true Beavers Bend fashion? Head this way to browse cabin listings.



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