Wake Up Your Winter

During the wintertime, it’s easy to go through the motions and find yourself in a rut. Once you’re in that rut, the winter blues can easily follow. So kick those blues to the curb in Beavers Bend. We have enough fun indoors and outdoors to keep you busy—not blue—during the chilly winter months.

Trade the concrete jungles for Southeast Oklahoma’s crisp, cool, natural wonderland where you can stay on the edge of excitement with activities for the whole family—and relaxing ones, too.


Choose Your Speed for Winter Fun

Whether you’re looking for fast fun or something a little slower, there’s no wrong way to go in Beavers Bend. 

If you’re wanting to take it easy, there’s no need to hide inside. Local spas offer in-cabin facials and hot stone massages to melt away the winter worries.

But if you’ve got the need for speed, we can handle that too. Get a burst of adrenaline on ATVs. The Ouachita National Forest offers 33 miles of open road for ATV riding year-round.  Or you can rev up your motorcycle and cruise on a scenic route through the mountains.

Enjoy Crisp Winter Weather

There are few things better than a beautiful, clear, crisp winter day with the smell of pine in the air. If you’re aching for that classic bite of winter temps that will transport you to a whole new world, you don’t have to go far. Beavers Bend winters will give you the traditional seasonal atmosphere you crave.

Do Not Disturb

We get it—the holidays were probably hectic. That’s why Beavers Bend is the perfect escape. While we’ve got plenty of action, we know how to slow things down for peace and quiet.

Find rest in nature, or in the comfort of one of our many spacious, secluded cabins. Beavers Bend will help you put a pause on the hustle and bustle of life and take it easy for as long as your heart desires.

Chow Down

Big adventure builds a big appetite. Foodies can have fun in Beavers Bend too. There are restaurants for any craving, from healthy food to comfort food. Beavers Bend will satisfy your need for home-cooked meals away from home.

Heat Things Up

Who says January isn’t swimsuit season? If you’re enjoying a getaway in one of Beavers Bend’s more than 2,000 luxurious cabins, chances are you’ve got a hot tub to go with it. Shake up your winter vacation with a steamy soak while enjoying the gorgeous vistas and alpine air on your woodsy retreat.

Let the lazy sleep this winter. #GetHereAlready.




As a county, we’re continuing to do our part to help keep people healthy. From social distancing and keeping cabins squeaky clean to setting up hand-washing stations and offering To-Go services – the efforts to help you still get the most out of your time here, while being smart are going strong.

  • Don’t travel if you’re sick or have been around someone who has been. 
  • Wash, wash, wash those hands. Soap. Water. 20 seconds. Get creative with a song choice. Follow it up with some alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Cover that cough. Cover that sneeze. Preferably with a tissue, then throw it away. 
  • Keep it clean. From frequently touched objects to surfaces, be sure to clean and disinfect. 
  • Put distance between yourself and other people. Something we’re all good at out here in nature.

As always, stay healthy.


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The Adventure Begins in Your Inbox

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