How to Tackle the Great Outdoors Without Breaking a Sweat

The scenic beauty of Beavers Bend’s parks, rivers, forests, and wetlands provides a breathtaking backdrop for any adventure — from quick getaways to weeklong expeditions, and every one-of-a-kind experience in between. But just one look at the pristine natural beauty of Beavers Bend, and one thing will become abundantly clear: not all adventures have to be fast-paced!


From tracking down excitement in the tracks of an animal to hunting for rare finds in the hidden landscape, here are five of our favorite outdoor adventures in McCurtain. And go ahead and put your mud clothes away; these activities are fun and fascinating without the mess or stress.


1) Archery. Turns out bows and arrows aren’t just for the movies. Channel your inner marksman or summer camper with some good ol’ fashioned archery. Never shot before? Grab a guide and let them instruct you on the proper stance. Who knows? Maybe you’ll snag a bullseye…


2) Hiking. There’s walking… and there’s hiking. And in Beavers Bend, we like to think we know the difference. Our beautiful mountains, lakeside cliffs, and riverbeds offer hiking for all tastes. Enjoy trails of varying difficulty and levels and terrain, all with stellar views of the stunning Beavers Bend landscape. Pro tip: wear sunscreen, long pants, and a hat to keep you protected from the sun and critters.


3) Horseback riding. Everything just looks better from up top—of a horse, that is. With afternoon rentals and guided trail rides, you can set the pace to your liking. Get off the beaten path and explore Beavers Bend on horseback—the hidden trails usually offer the best adventures. Need a guide? Trot this way!


4) Fishing. Whichever way you slice it, few things in life are better than setting up shop and casting a line for an afternoon. Lucky for you, Beavers Bend offers plenty of options for fishing, and some of the most premiere fishing environments in the state. For a reel adventure that balances premium thrills with pure relaxation, we suggest a fly-fishing getaway on the Lower Mountain Fork River. Get the details here.


5) Riding the train. Whoever said that adventure had to be fast-paced has clearly never hopped on board the train at Beavers Bend Depot. For excitement you can enjoy from the comfort of the caboose, grab a ticket and snag a seat before the whistle blows. You’ll make your way through lush Beavers Bend forest all the way to Wahoo Hill at Beavers Bend State Park. As for where your time in Beavers Bend takes you after that? That, friends, is up to you and your sense of adventure; we suggest you let it lead the way.


6) Bird watching. Beavers Bend’s famed Red Slough sits on nearly 8,000 acres of preserved land, and is home to more than 300 species of beautiful birds. Commonly sighted creatures include the rare roseate spoonbill, the purple gallinule, the wood stork, and the black-bellied whistling duck. But ask any bird enthusiast, and they’ll tell you what the main attraction is here: the bald eagle. They’re frequently spotted soaring above the Red Slough, especially in colder months, and are even known to swoop down over Broken Bow Lake to snag fishy snacks with their yellow beaks and talons. Spotting a bald eagle snatching up its prey? Sounds like a pretty solid adventure to us.


There you have it—the makings of the perfect outdoor getaway in Beavers Bend, paced at the perfect speed. Ready to experience it for yourself? Head this way to plan your getaway around the Beavers Bend.



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