10 Foolproof Work Excuses for a Trip to Beavers Bend

Picture this: it’s Sunday night, and another week at work sounds less than invigorating. If the idea of meetings and spreadsheets makes your head hurt, consider a getaway in Beavers Bend instead. Treat yourself to a sick day and play hooky with these tried and true trip excuses.

1) Stomach virus.

Could last anywhere from 1-4 glorious days in Beavers Bend. Side effects include feelings of euphoria, sweating glasses of cold ice tea, and bad memory loss.

2) My appendix burst.

Yeah it did… burst from excitement over the fact that you’re headed to Beavers Bend! Grab a cabin rental and settle in for a couple nights of nature, relaxation, and bliss. Head to the Red Slough Wetlands for a glimpse of the local wildlife in their natural habitat.

3) Sick kiddo.

When all else fails, blame it on the kids. Tell your supervisor you just can’t find a sitter for your sick little one. Then pack ‘em up and bring the whole family to Beavers Bend. Bad feelings gone.

4) My foot has this weird, scabby patchiness to it and it seems like it’s spreading.

Psh, please. The only thing that’s spreading on you is an ear-to-ear smile, and an unshakeable sense of happiness and rejuvenation. You needed this!

5) I ate bad fish… a lot of it.

That’ll teach you to eat sushi! Stick to the fried catfish from Steven’s Gap in Hochatown, instead. It’s flaky, tasty, and fully cooked (like this excuse).

6) A “Mental Health Day.”

Not even a lie! Schedule a day off and give yourself a chance to unwind among the pines before the 40-hour workweek zaps your energy completely. A couple days in a cozy cabin will leave you feeling fresh, energized, and ready to tackle the next big project. Can’t you just hear the trickling streams and birdsongs now?

7) Strep throat.

It hurts so bad you can’t even take phone calls! Leave your cell on the bedside table and set out in search of adventure. You’re guaranteed to find it around the Beavers Bend.

8) Common cold.

Really, you just don’t want to get anyone sick… sick with envy, that is.  The views in Beavers Bend are enough to make anyone play hooky, and a dose of nature is just what you need to kick those cold-weather blues.

9) Chicken Pox.

Because nobody wants to come to your meeting when you’re as spotted as a tree frog. Put yourself in a quaint quarantine, book a mid-week stay in the cabin of your dreams, and see where the week takes you. The only thing you’ll be itching with is excitement!

10) Internet guy’s coming!

No access to email, and no clue when he’ll arrive (somewhere between 9am and 5pm, most likely…). If you’re too nervous to call in sick, try this fib instead. See ya Tuesday, office—it’s time to hike!

This season, call in sick, head for Beavers Bend, and let your sense of adventure lead the way. Whichever excuse you choose, you’ll soon find that playing hooky never sounded better.


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